What to do if you find yourself under arrest or in custody?

We give expert advice and representation in all aspects of criminal defence. We can advise you from the outset of any investigation onwards.

Call the Aitken Harter emergency number 07976 324799. You can also ask the Custody Officer or a Designated Detention Officer to contact Aitken Harter for you. We will contact the police station, speak with you and attend when you are interviewed.

What happens when you are arrested?

  1. You are generally entitled to have a friend or relative notified of your whereabouts.

  2. You should notify the Custody Team if you are feeling unwell so that e.g. arrangements can be made for you to be treated either at the station or at hospital.

  3. You will be placed in a cell if under arrest.

  4. You will be searched and possesions kept from you if you are in a cell.

  5. If you are under 18 years old or otherwise vulnerable e.g. because of mental health issues then the police will arrange for an appropriate adult to attend when you are interviewed.

Need advice?

Call Aitken Harter Solicitors:

020 7607 5768


07976 324799

Questioning in police custody

  1. You do not have to reply to police questioning about the alleged offence(s) but there may be serious consequences if you refuse. The caution can be a powerful police tool.

  2. Expert advice on the impact of the caution, whether you answer questions in interview and other procedural issues e.g. the police wanting to arrange an identification procedure, may be the difference between your being charged or not.

  3. If there is not enough evidence to charge you may be released on bail or conditional bail which which may result in restrictions on your liberty e.g. the imposition of a curfew.

  4. Custody staff will authorise your fingerprints, photograph and a DNA sample are taken. Blood, urine and other intimate samples may be taken if appropriate. You may be drug tested as well.

Getting legal assistance

  1. You are entitled to have a solicitor of your own choice contacted when you are in custody. Sometimes the custody staff say that you will have to pay for a solicitor unless to see the duty solicitor. This is not true.

  2. Ask the custody staff to contact Aitken Harter on 07976 324799. Our advice is free whether we attend in person or simply speak to you over the phone.

  3. We are completely independent of the police.

  4. You can call Aitken Harter on our emergency contact number 07976 324799