Aitken Harter Solicitors – The Team

Louise Bullivant Criminal Lawyer London

Louise Bullivant

Louise Bullivant is a partner and solicitor at Aitken Harter

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Patricia Macavock Family law specialist and accredited mediator

Patricia MacAvock

Family lawyer, mediator
and partner

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Pip Evans criminal defence solicitor London

Pip Evans

Consultant solicitor specialising in criminal defence

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Angus Mathison Higher Court Advocate

Angus Mathieson

Higher Court Advocate

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Sue Tilley family solicitor

Sue Tilley

at Aitken Harter Solicitors

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Claire Bissett Aitken Harter Criminal law specialist

Claire Bissett

Criminal law

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Bridget Irving Aitken Harter Solicitors

Bridget Irving

Consultant & Higher
Court Advocate

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Hannah McNally trainee family solicitor

Hannah McNally

Family Solicitor

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Acala Boden Police Station Representative

Acala Boden

Accredited Police Station Representative

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Michelle Pineda Aitken Harter

Michelle Pineda

and Administrator

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