Assistance on police arrest and detention

Aitken Harters’ specialist crime team provides expert advice and representation in all aspects of criminal defence work. We can advise you from the outset of any investigation onwards.

Sometimes you may have an opportunity to arrange for legal representation at a police station before detention e.g. if you are asked to attend for interview “under caution” by an investigating officer. In that situation please call us as soon as you are contacted by the police or other investigating officer e.g. a DWP or Council official.

Our costs are usually paid by the Legal Aid Agency

Legal Aid is always available for detainees interviewed in a police station whether under arrest or attending as a volunteer. That means free legal advice whatever your financial situation. If you are being investigated e.g. for benefit fraud and required to attend at your local benefit office then you may still be entitled to free advice and assistance when you are interviewed depending upon e.g. your receiving JSA, ESA or Income Support.

Also see What to do if you find yourself under arrest or in police custody

Need advice?

If you have been arrested or expecting to have contact with the police, call Aitken Harter. Use our emergency number if out of office hours  :

020 7607 5768


07976 324799

Know your rights on arrest

You are entitled to have a legal representative of your own choice present when you are under arrest and going to be interviewed at a police station. We operate a 24/7 out of office hours emergency service for detainees. There is always a skilled legal adviser available to talk to you and attend at the police station on your behalf.

We are convinced that proper and effective advice at the outset of an investigation can have a significant impact on any subsequent decision making by the investigator or prosecutor. We think that it crucial that a detainee, whether under arrest or being interviewed as a volunteer by a person in authority, has access to informed and practical advice from a professional. Keep our out of hours/emergency number to hand – you may need it one day.

If you are arrested and detained in a police station and you cannot remember our 07976 324799 number ask the Custody Officer or a Designated Detention Officer to contact Aitken Harter on your behalf and one of us will contact the police station on your behalf, speak with you and attend when you are interviewed. It is in your best interests to have a friendly, experienced, specialist criminal defence representative to advise you properly at a difficult time.

Police arrest
Our Emergency contact number is 07976 324799.

Our offices are at 398, Caledonian Road London N1 1DN. We are close to Kings Cross/St. Pancras Mainline Stations, Caledonian Road & Barnsbury Overground and Caledonian Road Underground. Our out of hours Solicitors cover North London and some surrounding areas.

Emergency contact: 07976 324799
Telephone: 020 7607 5768
Facsimile: 020 7700 5695

Also see What to do if you find yourself under arrest or in police custody

“You do not have to say anything. However, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”