Family mediation

Family mediation is usually a much better option than going to court or negotiating through lawyers.

Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process during which you and your former partner will meet with an independent mediator who will help you work out the details of your separation whether they involve your children or finances.

Mediators do not tell couples what to do and will not take sides. However, they can share ideas and help explore different solutions.

Mediation enables a constructive dialogue to take place in a safe and neutral setting which promotes a mutual understanding of the issues and a greater likelihood of agreement.

You retain control of the issues to be resolved, and can reach solutions that work for your individual circumstances. Agreements reached in mediation are more likely to be kept to which makes ongoing communication with your former partner much easier.

Mediation may significantly reduce legal costs and result in much swifter agreements.

Patricia MacAvock is a qualified family mediator.

If you choose to mediate elsewhere, we can advise you on your legal position both before and during the mediation process.

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