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Louise Bullivant

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Louise Bullivant is a partner and solicitor at Aitken Harter

Louise qualified as a solicitor in 1988 and originally specialised in family law and criminal defence work.

In 2000 Louise and David Harter joined forces to set up a criminal department at Harter Loveless. She was a founding partner at Harters in 2003 with Patricia MacAvock and Gordon Johnston and headed the criminal department after the merger in 2013 with Aitken Associates.

Louise has now resolved to return to her other old love, family law, and is assisting Patricia MacAvock in her work.


Louise has a no-nonsense approach to her work and continues to relish the cut and thrust of litigation where that is necessary. She takes a detailed and strategic approach to her matters.

Louise is very conscious of the need thoroughly to explore the possibility of attaining a settlement with the aim that matters might be resolved with the minimum of conflict and expense.

Membership & Accreditation

  • Member of the LCCSA