Legal fees

Our fees are very competitive. If you would like more information, call us on 020 7607 5768 or call into our offices at 398 Caledonian Road N1 1DN

Fixed fees for family law

Initial meeting

We offer fixed fee interviews for new clients for an initial first meeting for one hour for £250 or £300 (inclusive of VAT) depending on the fee earner. You will receive a note of the discussion and the advice following the meeting.

Fixed fee divorce packages

We offer a fixed fee in relation to a divorce or Civil Partnership depending on whether you are the Petitioner or the Respondent

Petitioner: £1,500 which includes VAT and court fees of £550 (the petition filing fee and decree absolute fee).
Respondent: £800 including VAT.

What’s not included in the fee:

  1. Very rarely, a Respondent may decide to defend (i.e contest) divorce proceedings. The fixed fee does not include the cost involved in acting for you in relation to defended divorce proceedings.
  2. Sometimes it is necessary to arrange for divorce papers to be personally served on the Respondent. It is unusual to have to do this, but when it happens there are likely to be process server’s fees which need to be met in addition to the fixed fee.
  3. The cost of obtaining an official translation of the marriage certificate.
  4. The cost of amending divorce papers after they have been lodged with the court, for example, when you wish to add new allegations of unreasonable behaviour.
  5. If you are the Respondent, the cost incurred in applying to the Court on notice for Decree Absolute.
  6. Dealing with issues relating to property, finance, domestic violence, or children, including any hearing ordered by the court.
  7. Fee charged by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages or church for a certified copy of the marriage certificate.
  8. Cost involved in locating your spouse if you do not know where he or she lives.
  9. Application for deemed or substituted service of the petition or to omit your address from the petition.
  10. Representation in Court in relation to the divorce. This is very rarely necessary.
  11. Enforcing an order for costs against your spouse.
  12. Defending a claim for costs made against you by your spouse.

What if I change my mind and decide not to proceed with the divorce?
In those circumstances we would charge you for work and disbursements incurred until that point based on our hourly rate.

Need advice?

Please call us if you would like more information about fees and funding:

020 7607 5768


Using a solicitor can be costly. We aim to ensure that you have the greatest possible clarity about our charges and that they are fair.

We charge for our time and expertise and the amount you will have to pay depends on the complexity of the matter, the skills, specialist knowledge and responsibility required of the person handling the matter, the time spent, the number and importance of documents prepared or considered, the financial value involved and the importance of your matter to you.

We record the amount of time we spend on your matter and apply to that time an hourly rate.

We will give you an estimate of likely costs at the outset, which may change as your work progresses. All information about our charges will be given to you in writing.

You may if you wish place a limit on our charges which will not be exceeded without prior agreement. In some cases we will be able to offer you a fixed fee, or to work for you under our ‘Pay as You Go’ option.